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Choose the style that suits you, share your thoughts with us and let us make them come true. The creation of a unique, unforgettable evening is guaranteed.

Three women, professionally trained musicians of high educational level, the “White Muses” by Elena Liri, become your ultimate musical destination.

An ensemble of vocals, percussion and guitar which is characterized by counterpoints of three melodic lines and dynamic rhythm. The quality of the raw material is the basis, however the difference lies in the composition.

And the White Muses line-up has it all. Feminine energy, passion for music, professional training, personal style and aesthetic perception and ambrosia.

They associate their name with ancient Greek mythology and become goddesses of music, dance and the fine arts,
they entertain by singing with their tireless voices and enchant anyone who hears them with their melodious song.

Their musical sounds have no barriers and borders. They choose hits from all over the international as well as the Greek scene, always according to the circumstances, they sing in at least seven languages and dance to the rhythms of Latin, Jazz, Funk, Disco, Pop, Rock and Rock ‘n Roll.

They provide high level sound and lighting coverage and create a private evening that will amaze even your
most demanding guest.

Private Parties


Let's get this party started

There’s always a good reason to party. Especially at your place, relaxed and exactly as you have dreamed it.

What is the most important element for a party’s success? Music.

There can be no party without music. There can be no party without the White Muses.

It is an ensemble of vocals, percussion and guitar which is characterized by counterpoints of three melodic lines and dynamic rhythm.

Three women, qualified professional musicians, with a high educational level, will become the daughters of Zeus and Memory and will entertain you with their feminine energy.

Having in their repertoire all the hits of yesterday and today from any scene, Greek and international, every decade and genre and providing high level sound and lighting coverage, they create an unforgettable evening that will amaze every guest of yours.



Wishing you a long and happy marriage

We make the best day of your life even more beautiful.

We are here with the sole purpose of filling it with music: to add music to your moments, to create your own personal soundtrack of this evening.

An evening that is the beginning of a wonderful life – and we want it to be unforgettable.

We tailor our music program according to your needs, suggestions and mood, and with detailed planning and a personal touch we create the recipe for a successful wedding party.

Our program consists of well-known hits of the Greek and foreign music scene in the style of jazz, pop, rock n’roll, rock, latin, reggae, disco, swing, 60’s, 80’s, 90’s, but also entekhno, traditional and folk Greek music.

Having the appropriate know-how and taste for music, which is the most important part of every event, we provide sound and light coverage of spaces with state-of-the-art technical equipment, thus relieving you from any stress and additional responsibilities, aiming at a successful organizing and conducting of any kind of event.

We will be very happy if you choose to work with us and entrust us with the soundtrack of the most important moment of your life: your wedding.

As White Muses, we wish you that this day may be the beginning of everything you’ve dreamed of! Blessings on your marriage!

Muses on Board


Let's go yachting with the White Muses on board

We travel with the White Muses in the arms of the sea, playing with the senses and stirring the soul with Latin, funk, jazz, disco, pop, rock and rock n roll rhythms, as well as songs from all over the world, singing in seven languages, having the gentle sound of the waves as the fourth voice.

The White Muses entertain you in the middle of the sea in harmony with the marine environment, they wander on the liquid blue mirror and merge their music with the sound of the sea.

This unique atmosphere is achieved with the extensive sound and lighting coverage, which guarantees the quality of the sound and their unique style.

Get on board!

Bring your good mood along and head to everywhere. You have arrived at the ultimate music destination.